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Deutsche Bahn AG is a German railway company. Headquartered in Berlin, it is a private joint-stock company, with the Federal Republic of Germany being its single shareholder.

Lindsay shared her experience with Bahn on TripAdvisor in August 2020

"Deutsche Bahn; worst nightmare in my lifetime. Expensive, never been on time, toilets 1st class always locked, unfriendly employees. I changed to driving a car..."


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Busfahrer (Former Employee) says

"Leider ist hier auch die ausbeute Mentalität angekommen. Für paar Euro mehr Gewinn dürfen die Mitarbeiter bis aufs letzte Stück arbeiten. Die Fahrzeuge sind zum Teil nur noch zusammen geflickt. Die Arbeitszeiten sind bis aufs äußerste ausgereizt. 11 bis 14 Std. sind keine Seltenheit. Die Qualität der Kollegen ist auch im untersten Niveau angekommen. Hauptsache Führerschein, Rest ist egal. definitiv keine Empfehlung"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The people at DB does not really welcome new comers who have the ability to work fairly. Unprofessional people. There is a monopoly going on and only selected people will survive. If you happen to work pro-actively , you will surely die the next morning because existing bosses never investigate, they listen to existing people who have created scams to protect their seats."

kierowca c (Former Employee) says

"Non stop przekraczane tacho. Trudne trasy i dojazdy do klientów. Atmosfera beznadziejna."

Forklift Operator/dispatch (Former Employee) says

"When management or human resources tell you something get it in writing. Management is quick to lye, and human resources don't care. Everyone in management is married to someone there that they give their spouses good positions and titles, thats why you don't move up, it's all about their family getting raises and management getting all the bonuses. All DB Schenker Will do is feed nasty food for your bonuses and give you a tee shirt. Human Resources is for the management even when management is wrong!!!!Its a jobYou will never want stability there, cause they do good people wrong"

Rangierer/ Terminalmitarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Ständig druck von oben noch mehr Personal ab zubauen, keine ein Haltung der Pausen wenn man überhaupt Zeit dafür hat"

Schlecht (Former Employee) says

"Hallo nach meine prover arbeite beim DRB als Busfahrer im Todtenweis habe ich erfahrener das Lohn zu niedrig.Mitarbeiter ist unzufrieden. Jeder fahrer verdient anders. Die Schichten sind sehr lang mit ungezahlte pausen .bis 12 std schicht länger und gezahlt nür 6 bis 8 std. Alle fahrer unzufrieden und nicht mal std zulage bekommen und die über Stunden bezahlt bekommen. Das wegen suchen die fahrer zeit Dezember ohne Erfolg. Kommen viele weil die denken DB ist eine große Unternehmen aber leider eine Sklaverei. Bitte sehr vorsichtig!!!!!!KeineKeine"

Lift Truck Driver / Order Pick & Packer (Former Employee) says

"- mostly night shift, equipment was in short supply and not available - employee rating was tracked by computer - staff was uncooperative to helping others due to loss of production - racking when damaged was unsafe due to freight fallingnonelow pay, poor hours, poor training"

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"12 hour shifts with mandatory overtime every week. Your life consists of work and sleep. 6 days a week 12 hours a day. Do not work here if you have a family or a life outside of work."

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Very repetitive, the supervisor was very mean and didn`t give me the legal correct amount of time before letting me go for a very stupid reason. All I did was check my phone for the time to see when my next break was coming up and I was let go on the spot. I have never been on my phone for personal purposes, I always came to work on time and did my job the way I was supposed to if not more and beyond and they didn`t even give me a chance to explain myself. I found this highly unprofessional and they proved to not care for their employees."

labourer (Former Employee) says

"only want people when they are busy and then they get rid of you"

Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"High weekly turnover rate, due to poor management! I was threatened almost daily, no training just threw me into a management job training HazMat, Safety and Forklift Driving, which I have no training on...scary!nonehostile environment, sexual harassment"

data entry (Former Employee) says

"didn't enjoy working there at all, the people are all back stabbing b#@. the manager has favourites, just couldn't stand going in there anymore, it was that bad, that is the first job I had were I hated to go to work, so I stuck it out until I found someing else and left. was hired for one shift an then was given another one after I finished my 2 week training, manager doesn't care one bit.nothinglong hours, place just sucked"

Warehouse Person (Former Employee) says

"The management is just FAKE! Supervisor doesn’t know how to treat and keep their best employee! People are just fake! Don’t even waste your time to apply over!Zero"

Lagerarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Unfreundlich haben keine Ahnung was in der Werkstatt abgeht. Gruppenführer unfreundlich und lässt ständig seine Laune an Mitarbeiter raus.1 Mal im Monat kostenlose Fahrkarte"

Mechatroniker für Kältetechnik (Former Employee) says

"Sehr stessig. Schlechtes Arbeitsklima. Schlechte Organisation und Planung."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Middle managers are really bad. Does not respect employee. Worked like a slave and do not pay overtime. Lots of long term employee left due to be under paid Strong Asian culture no respect for the non Asian. Worst global company in Vancouver"

Import Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Too many managers who shouldn't be in management! Always cost cutting! Too many people manage get away with doing little or nothing! At desk level you're nothing but a number!Can't think of any!Too many politics!!"

Data Entry Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to work.Free coffee.Workers are nice and supportive.Worked as a team.Work location is a bit far and worked until midnnight.Free coffeeLong hrs"

Operations Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"90 hour work weeks for salaried employees with now compensation or appreciation. 6 day work weeks 15 hours a day. Senior Management has no clue how to run operation or promote good morale and employee retention.Room to advanceNO Work life balance... You have to make that place you life"

Import Transportation Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a manager who was the product of being one of those people that bullies their way through everything even to get the position and has a pet snitch for a assistance. Bax Global and Schenker should have NEVER, merged. This company will suck the life out of you and then tell you it's your fault. I know in my years with the company 2 ladies, died. Too much stress at this branch. They reward public and hostile behavior and force many employees to seek employment far away from this location. Do yourself a favor---------->RUN and Don't Look Back!Pay not worth your healthSee my Review"

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